What are biodynamic preparations good for, what is their benefit?

Together, the biodynamic spray and compost preparations bring plants into a dynamic relationship with soil, water, air, warmth, and cosmos to help them develop in a healthy and balanced way, to access the full spectrum of nutrients they need, and become more resilient to pests, diseases, and extreme climate conditions. 
The authors of the two manuals found below are Anne and Rolf Bucher.

Click HERE to download the Biodynamic Preparation Plant Cultivation Manual (158 pages).
Click HERE to download the Biodynamic Preparations Good Practice Manual for making, spraying and storing preparations (87 pages).


Breathing with the Climate Crisis Videos

Key note speech


From Climate change to climate collapse a video from the 2021 Agricultural Conference in Switzerland.

Explanation and guidance regarding the planting calendar is found on this video, using the Ontario-based Celestial Planting Calendar:

Composting explained. This video is a presentation for the city of Fort Collins in Colorado that explains the why, what and how of composting for backyards.


André Leu talks about interconnectedness as a theme in Rudolf Steiner’s Agricultural Lectures at the 2020 Agricultural Conference in Dornach, Switzerland.








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