Explanation and guidance regarding the planting calendar is found on this video, using the Ontario-based Celestial Planting Calendar:


Bruno Fallador’s 2014 article “Compost as a Free Deed,” can be downloaded here (right click and “open in a new tab”):

Bruno compost as a free deed

A recent report by the International Biodynamic Association (IBDA) called Releasing the True Value of Land (right click and “open in a new tab”):

Releasing True Value of Land – 20141218 (1)

Another recent video by international biodynamic consultant Andrew Lorand, called “Dirt, Soil, Humus”:


The Agriculture Section of the International School for Spiritual Science in Dornach has released a new report entitled, “The Biodynamic Preparations in Context: Individual Approaches to Preparation Work” (right click and “open in a new tab”):


A recent report by Demeter International, FiBL (the international Research Institute for Organic Agriculture), and other partners presents information related to cows having and not having horns: