The Society for Biodynamic Farming and Gardening in Ontario was incorporated on June 14th, 1982. The Objects of Incorporation are:

a) To promote, foster, develop, guide and safeguard a method of agriculture, horticulture and forestry, in accordance with principles set forth by the agricultural course given by Rudolf Steiner in 1924 at Koberwitz, Germany.

b) To spread accurate knowledge of this method, and to ensure its correct application by means of lectures and conferences; to issue and distribute literature; to establish information and research centres; to enter into consultation with farmers, gardeners and foresters; and related activities.

c) For the objects aforesaid to accept donations, gifts, legacies and bequests.

 The founding Directors were:

William Alexander Murchison; Douglas Martin Huntley; Eric George Smedley; Michael August Schuster; James Philip Nusbaum; Hans Joachim Warner and Richard Kaye Chomko.

 The Educational Fund was established out of the spirit of the Objects of Incorporation to assist students, who are seeking knowledge of Biodynamic Farming and Gardening, by providing yearly bursaries.

            The Educational Fund recognizes the dedication and work of those who teach and promote the Steiner Agricultural Courses and supports them by providing funding, from time to time, for their efforts.


Eligibility Requirements

 1. Applicant must be a Canadian resident.

2. Applicant must demonstrate financial need.

3. First time applicants will be given priority.

4. Applicant must be a member in good standing of the Society For Biodynamic Farming  And Gardening in Ontario.

 Only complete applications will be reviewed. Please ensure you return the Bursary Application form to:  The Secretary


60 days prior to the start of the course of study.

 How the Process Works:

 1. Once your application has been reviewed by the Education Committee, you will receive a letter indicating if you are eligible to receive a bursary, and if so, the amount.

2. You will then be required to sign and return a letter, which will act as a contract between you and the Society for Biodynamic Farming and Gardening in Ontario. If your letter/contract is not received by the due date, you may be required to re-apply for bursary funds.

 Recipient’s Responsibility:

 By signing the letter/contract, the applicant agrees to the following:

 1. It is expected that recipients of a bursary will complete the course for which they have applied. Should the applicant not attend, then the amount of the bursary must be repaid, OR not complete the course then a portion of the bursary must be repaid.

2. At the end of the course, each recipient of a bursary will be required to write a letter of thanks addressed to the Society for Biodynamic Farming and Gardening in Ontario. This letter should outline the recipient’s experience and how the recipient expects to apply their newly found skills. 

 Bursary Rules:

 1. The Bursaries are a contribution to an individual student’s tuition fees and will not be awarded for any other purpose.

2.  The Bursaries are only payable for the settlement of tuition fees owed by an individual student to a recognized provider of Biodynamic Farming and Gardening courses, as laid out in Rudolph Steiner’s, Agricultural Course of 1924.

3. To be eligible for a Bursary, the student must be a member in good standing of the Society for Biodynamic Farming and Gardening in Ontario at the time of application for the Bursary funding.  The membership must be in the name of the applicant.

4. The student must be 18 years of age or older.

5. The student must complete and return the Bursary Application Form.

6. All applications must be received 60 days prior to the start of the BD courses for which the funds are required.

7. The applicant is responsible for researching and providing estimates for costs as outlined in the application. The applicant is responsible for providing receipts as proof of the actual costs. 

 Note:   The Society reserves the right to change the Bursary Rules without notice and may require that a student complete the course prior to receiving Bursary funds.

The Bursary funding pool varies from year to year; the amount awarded to recipients will be based on the total pool and the funds available.

The following documents are a printable version of this information and the application form, which can be sent to the address on the form.



EXCEPT, for more information, contact Allan Kuhn  519-426-9021 rather than “the webkeeper,” as indicated on the form.