Message from the Chair, by Chris Boettcher

After the apples have been picked and processed, the root crops dug and stored, the grapes harvested, the last fields put to bed for winter with green cover-crop blankets, tools and machinery cleaned and put away; then we people of the land are ready for the stillness of winter.  Some might call it hibernation, and some might be overly busy with holiday entertaining; most of us are in-between… But what is evident in our northern climate is that we are forced – by lack of warmth and light – to take a break. 

                And what happens within our soul when our tired bodies take a rest?  It is time to plant our inner garden so that it may bring good fruit in the new year – in the next busy season. 

In this spirit we wish you all a restful joyous Christmas, good fortune in the New Year – and blessing on the seedlings of your inner gardens!


Chris Boettcher, Chair



To carry spirit light into world-winter-night

My heart is ardently impelled,

That shining seeds of soul

Take root in grounds of worlds,

And Word Divine through senses’ darkness

Resounds, transfiguring all life


Rudolf Steiner

Calendar of the Soul

December 15-21

Tr. Hans and Ruth Pusch