Preparation Day May 29th 2017 at the Hack Farm, by Barbara Westfall

Thank you to the Universe that gave us such a beautiful sunny day to be outside on Mother Gaia to learn, socialize and play.  About 25 people showed up to dig up the fall preps, and to make new ones for this year. First, we emptied out manure from 1100 horns.  Uli did an experiment to compare first year horns and older horns.  First year horns did not transform as well, as there was fresh looking manure on the outside of the manure clump. The older horns made a much better smelling and well transformed manure. We then moved to mixing ground silica with water, and put it into another set of horns to be buried later.  Lots of people got their chance to shovel/mix fresh manure with the compost preparations, basalt powder, and eggshells in making barrel compost.  About 18 skulls were removed from the shed’s rain barrels.  Uli washed them off as we asked a ton of questions on how he gets these supplies and how they all work.


Lunch was totally fabulous.  Potluck foods, warm soups, fresh bread, desserts, and lots of time to socialize and get to know this community were greatly appreciated.  The Ontario biodynamic community is gifted with elders who have lots of experiential knowledge and who share generously.  All questions were welcomed.  All ages were welcomed. It is such a gift to learn this way of living, with hands-on activities in a community setting.

After lunch, we dug out another horn manure pit, the chamomile pit, the yarrow pit and the dandelion pit. Watching a six-year old take the worms from the pit and find them a new home was so endearing.  His four-year old friend was not quite sure about touching the worms yet, but really curious about them.  Some people then removed the preps from their sheaths while others made the barrel compost. 


Thank you to the Hack family for hosting such a beautiful way to learn biodynamic agriculture on a farm that uses it continuously. The farm exudes harmony among all the plants, animals and Beings that live there. Thank you to all the participants who showed up to help, to answer questions, to share your stories and insights. Thank you to all the children for reminding us to play and be light hearted when outside in nature. Thank you to Mother Earth for being so patient with humans, as we remember and learn to be stewards for ALL kingdoms on this beautiful blue orb once again.  The future of this planet is in good hands.  There are many of the younger generation that truly want to farm in a holistic way, a way that honors and respects ALL life and provides for all abundantly.  We are blessed to be here and to be part of this paradigm shift.


Photos by Amy Ouchterlony