Time: 9am – about 4pm

Where: the Hack Farm, 1017 Concession 7, Kincardine, ON N2Z 2X6                                                              (–extra parking at the church opposite)

Collaborative hands-on working with making the ‘biodynamic’ preparations                                              (–applied on this 900 acre  farm since 1982).

Outline of activities:  Note: Workwear, boots, gloves are recommended. Dress for the weather..

9 a.m. to 12:     Carry out steps for making the biodynamic preps Horn Manure ‘500’, Silica ‘501’, Yarrow ‘502’, Chamomile  ‘503’, Oak Bark ‘505’, and Dandelion ‘506’.  

12 noon:     Potluck lunch. (Bring a food contribution, your plate, bowl, cup and utensils, please.)

Note: making of various biodynamic preps is done twice per year, differently in Spring and Fall. Particular preps go into the ground in Fall, and are unearthed in the Spring, or vice versa. The preps, once made, must be stored carefully, and have various uses as field sprays or to add to compost.  They are used in conjunction with other biodynamic and organic farming methods.

Please RSVP to Uli Hack 519 396 8098 or Zeb Landon 519 429 4482

Please realize that this event is tentatively planned, but circumstances outside our control could influence a change of plans. Therefore check your e-mails once more before you come to make sure no cancellation happened.