Breathing with the Climate Crisis – ecologically – socially – spiritually
Have we discovered how to breathe at the conference
and through the conference? Because this was the hope
that we formulated in the title “Breathing in the climate
crisis”. And this was also intended as an objective, by
looking for this possible breath in three dimension:
ecologically, socially and spiritually.
These moments of free breath did indeed arise at this
conference. Personally, I felt a deep breath at the moment
when Clement Vincent from southern India said:
“No, I shall not leave this dry, barren region. Because
although I go away, the soil remains, it cannot leave. But
we belong together, the soil and I, the earth and we human
beings.” Breathing spiritually in the climate crisis
means saying yes to my apparently difficult situation,
because this situation amounts to the full spirituality.
Where am I, who am I, who do I live with, where do I go
at the end of my life?
A breath for the future also flowed through the conference
– the earth is a living being. For example, the contribution
by Hans-Ulrich Schmutz presented tables and
figures revealing the breathing of a living being. This
being has been breathing for a long time, for millions of
years. It has succeeded in creating a CO2 concentration
in the atmosphere that enables a very great variety of
forms of life. Let us help this breathing living being to
rediscover its planetary breathing rhythm. This task
must be achieved and it concerns us all, young people
and farmers alike.
We are not alone – the cows help us. In the contribution
by Anet Spengler the breath became visible: it ebbs and
flows between the plants that breathe carbon in and the
animals that breathe it out. This symbiosis supports the
climate: no grass without the cow and no cow without
grass. The complementary relationship of plants and
animals is required to create fully breathing life: only
then can we justifiably speak of carbon farming.
We have discovered a generational breath. Young people
are in the process of breathing into the earthly conditions,
they seek the ground where they can put down
their biographical roots. Older farmers need to learn
to raise their lowered gaze to come to an atmospheric
awareness. A question of courage for both – but the other
person is already in the place where I want to go.
This was a frequent experience at the conference – the
other person was already in the place that I am trying to
reach. So we move forwards, each for themselves and all
together. The conference created a place to breathe and
the digital format of the climate conference 2021 enabled
a global breathing space with and for many people
who would otherwise never have met. We hope that this
conference report will convey some of these events.
For the Climate Conference team
the Youth Section and the Section for Agriculture
Ueli Hurter

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